You Can Get A Brand New PS5 For Way Cheaper Than These Zip Tie Bracelets & Earrings

JUICE has covered many fashion abnormalities in the past…

From denim underwear to KFC crocs, we thought we’ve seen it all.

However, recently, a viral Facebook post has showed us that there is never a shortage of weird fashion trends.

Posted by user @sambaltumiss, netizens were shocked to find out about the existence of these zip tie bracelets and rings.

Have a look:


Arghh berat betul la fesyen zaman skrg.
Mcm2 la dorg nie..

Posted by Sambal Tumis on Saturday, January 16, 2021

Distributed by Brit fashion brand, Farfetch, these babies can cost up to $723 (RM2,924).

For comparison, the brand spankin’ new PS5 costs RM2,299, which is RM625 cheaper than these “accessories”.

Want more comparison? You can get cable ties for free at any supermarket or hardware store if you walk in with a plastic bag! What a deal!

Naturally, with something as outlandish as this, netizens had a lot to say…

Here are some of the funniest replies I found:

So, I guess we all have a tough decision to make.

Should we cop that PS5 or save-up for these Mr. DIY-chic zip tie bracelets?