Denim Wedgie… But Make It Fashion

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You’re about to chill with your boo but she pulls up in this. Whatchu doin? (source:

It seems as if the Y Project has used up all their denim for their Slenderman arms denim jacket and now have to resort to selling denim panties.

source: Dukes of Hazzard (2005)

Yeah, we’re very much aware that having our cheeks out in denim shorts has been a trend since Jessica Simpson’s Dukes of Hazzard days, but this whole new wave pioneered by the Y Project is on another level completely. Presenting, the janty – a panty made of jeans.

I know, why didn’t the world just end back in 2012 like it was supposed to?


I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why on God’s green Earth is this happening?” Let me tell you why… I have no clue…

Nylon magazine claims that this attire is fitting for a day at the beach, rather than a stroll around town. I have to humbly disagree.

I think it is suitable for neither of those occasions.


Imagine getting sand in your nether regions whilst having this modern-day sanctity belt on… The torture! Not to mention going swimming in these would definitely feel like… well, jumping into a body of water in jeans. Blasphemous! Who does that?

Hold on, did I tell you the price yet? Well, I probably didn’t because most of you would click off after knowing that this janty (re: Satan’s undergarments) is $315 (RM1,285). In this economy? Nah, save that cash for something–anything–other than these panties. Remember what they said in Fight Club

Despite being such an egregious idea, we all know we’ll be seeing it on some of the big celebrities in the future. I’m just waiting ‘till Cardi B debuts this undergarment for the Grammy’s or for her trip to the convenience store sometime soon.

Until then… Please. Wear your denim respectfully.

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