AirAsia Foundation Upcycles Life Jackets & Seat Belts To Make Fashionable Bags & Dog Tug Toys

The life jacket materials also make some of the products waterproof. ― Picture courtesy of Air Asia Foundation
source: Malay Mail

The saying isn’t limited to just #RakyatJagaRakyat but it should also be extended to #RakyatJagaPlanet.

In this year alone, many Malaysian youths, authorities and even tourists have shown great initiative to take care of our Mother Earth. Naturally, participation from everyone will lead to serious change in the way we treat our planet. So, when AirAsia Foundation (AAF) decided to join in on the fun, many celebrated the news.

The philanthropic arm of AirAsia decided to upcycle their non-biodegradable life jackets into fashionable cross-body bags and pouches with the help of Afghan refugees living in Malaysia under the enterprise, Nazanin.

There are a total of six different items in the upcycled Soggy No-More collection. ― Picture courtesy of Air Asia Foundation
source: Malay Mail

The first release for the Soggy No-More collection actually dropped in 2018 when they announced their line of pouches. Ever since then, they’ve been steadily releasing new additions to the collection, recently dropping stylish and in-trend cross-body bags. They even have a case for your cutlery. Imagine whipping that baby out during lunchtime…

This initiative started when AAF executive director, Yap Mun Ching, noticed the interminable lifespan of the plastic life jackets by AirAsia. Despite lasting for a long time, to ensure the safety of passengers, the company throws them out whenever it has been tampered, opened or used. Once rendered useless, Yap struggled to find ways to recycle the jackets.

Qasem has been making the bags for the past two years at his flat in Ampang. ― Picture courtesy of Air Asia Foundation
source: Malay Mail

Instead of dumping them in landfills and increasing their carbon footprint on the world, AAF decided to collaborate with Nazanin, specifically designer Qasem.

Known for his dedication, craftsmanship and artistry, Qasem was highly sought-after for his work with leather in his home country but since moving to Malaysia, he has been struggling to find jobs. Despite that, he continued his passion by makeshift-ing bags from peculiar materials that were donated to him.

Qasem employs members of his own community and together they repurpose up to 80% of the life jackets into bags, pouches and cases.

Who would’ve thought that seat belts could be turned into toys? ― Picture courtesy of Air Asia Foundation
source: Malay Mail

Not only has AAF upcycled their life jackets, but prior to that, they’ve transformed plane seatbelts into tug toys for little puppers with the help of Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE) Malaysia.

Both of these collaborations are available for purchase at Destination GOOD store’s which is located in REXKL.

Or you can visit the website to cop these babies.