7 People You’d Most Likely Meet at a Local Festival

If you don’t see any of them, then you’re probably one of them.


The Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing Meme Is the Perfect Meme for Metalheads

Memes have never been this thrash-y.

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What Are KL People Wearing? #2

Real stunning at Mid Valley Megamall!


Come Chill Out @ Sesi Kaki Lima

Sun, 11th Feb '18

2pm - Sundown

The Zhongshan Building


You’ll Never See Fruits the Same Way Again

Stephanie empowers women and femininity with fruit fingering.


Online Gaming Could Be Implemented In Malaysian Schools

Bringing cybercaf├ęs to school.

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#JUICEWEARS: OOTD inspired by Movie/TV Characters

Stealing looks from good looks.