PHOTOS: What Iconic TV Shows Would Look Like If They Took Place During Covid-19

*All images by Jure Tovrljan

Malaysians are already five weeks into MCO and I bet most of y’all have already taken the time to catch-up with all the series you’ve wanted to watch on Netflix. Chances are, you’re already running out of things to watch!

Not to worry, this graphic designer from Slovenia, Jure Tovrljan has a great suggestion. Instead of watching something new, you could just turn on your streaming service of choice and rewatch TV shows you’ve seen and maybe even be surprised by some previously unnoticed detail.

He encouraged this idea by re-imagining popular TV series as if they had been shot during the pandemic.

“I came up with the idea when I was binge-watching Friends for probably the 20th time. So I was thinking about how it would look like if they were shooting the show today. And I put them on a Skype meeting. That’s how the series started to develop,” he explained to Bored Panda.

Tovrljan also stated that he is sending a message on how our behaviour can help prevent the spread of the virus and he does that by giving the posters of popular TV series a Covid-19 treatment. It’s pretty spot on!

Scroll down & take a look at the re-imagined TV posters:

1. The Office

2. The Simpsons

3. Friends

4. Breaking Bad

5. How I Met Your Mother

6. Prison break

7. The Walking Dead

8. Game Of Thrones

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