PHOTOS: This Guy Created a ‘Rumah Kampung’ in The Sims & It Looks So Cool!

(source: @sufieffendy_ Twitter)

Besides fulfilling our obsession to trap human characters inside of a 1×1 room and let them suffer to death, The Sims 4 is a great game for everyone to play architect! There’s just something addictive about creating houses and decorating its interior like you’re in an HGTV show.

The houses don’t even have to make sense because depending on your creativity, you can create an alien spaceship, a vampire hideout, heck, this person on Youtube even created a house orb…

Speaking of all these builds, a Malaysian who goes by Sufi Effendy, created a traditional Malay house in the game. He posted his creation on Twitter and so far has gained 13k retweets!

Sufi stated that he took inspiration from a design plan of a traditional house he found on Google and ran with it.

The blueprint he used as reference (source: @sufieffendy_)

The house build has a wood swing set and an outdoor toilet that’s commonly found in any kampung. It took Sufi a total of four hours to create this masterpiece rumah kampung. Scroll down to check it out!


(source: @sufieffendy_ Twitter)


(source: @sufieffendy_ Twitter)


(source: @sufieffendy_ Twitter)


(source: @sufieffendy_ Twitter)

After Sufi’s rumah kampung went viral, another Twitter user who saw the post replied with their own version of a rumah kampung in The Sims:

Cool, right? As a Simmer myself, it’s pretty impressive and now I can’t wait to hop on The Sims to create my own version!

UPDATE (28/4/2020): Someone create a kedai tom yum in The Sims 4! Check it out here.

‘Til then, stay home and keep playing The Sims!

Oh, and keep updated with JUICE too 😉