M’sian Artist Gets Bored During MCO, Turns His Room into a ‘Spaceship’

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source: Ahmad Fathil Zakaria/ Facebook.

It’s the 6th day of Movement Control Order (MCO) aka staying at home so we can stop the ‘rona. Despite how bleak the world seems right now, isolation has inspired countless memes, TikToks, online ‘live’ performances, and a viral DIY coffee (damn, these cafes scammed us!).

Being disconnected has shown how truly connected we are to each other. Admit it! You miss your yum cha and teh tarik sessions.

Recently, a Malaysian artist decided that if he has to stay home during MCO, he might as well start a project he called “PROJEK PERUMAHAN TERBANG” – Transforming a 68sqft room in his apartment into a “spaceship”, in other words…

From this..

source: Ahmad Fathil Zakaria/ Facebook

To this..

Artist Ahmad Fathil Zakaria started with a sketch that showed his desire to create something that could fly him off to his world of imaginations, beyond infinity.

He posted a series of photos on Facebook showing the transformation from start to finish. The album title is quite hilarious though: Dekorasi Extreme Musim2 Covid-19 (Covid-19 Season Extreme Makeover).

The complexity and creativity that Ahmad put into his project really shows – from the sketched ideas to actually finishing the whole thang! It’s impressive, but to be fair, credit should also be given to the MCO for indirectly causing Ahmad (and the rest of us) to focus on projects we’d normally pass on during non-pandemic days–that goes for cleaning your garage to brushing up your resume to creating stunning works of art to teaching your kids more cool stuff.

In a video recording of the process, Ahmad said it felt like being “behind-the-scenes” of a Hollywood film. So, any creative head honchos here, looking for talent?

The finished room looks absolutely stunning. As a fan of sci-fi, this gives me major Millennium Falcom vibes!

Also, the LED!

source: Ahmad Fathil Zakaria/ Facebook

Ahmad hopes this project will inspire more ideas to come. I got my crayons out already…

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