Local Designer Reimagines Food as Cartoon Characters

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*All images by @_althf

It’s tough out there right now, that’s undeniable. The coronavirus, Covid-19, Miss Rona – whatever you choose to call it – is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives, especially with the MCO in Malaysia. The silver lining, however, is that people are getting creative. Even in PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s nation-wide live speech last week, he highlighted how the rakyat’s creativity is blooming and encouraged more netizens to do the same.

Recently, we stumbled upon a local Instagram account that re-imagined food into cartoon characters!

The amusing series called #LukisLukisPKP was created by 23-year-old designer, Muhammad Althaf. The title translates to #MCODrawings and was first posted on Instagram on 5 April.

Born and raised in Pahang, he included #DudukDiamDiam in the caption of every picture in the series reminding the public to stay home. We don’t recommend y’all to start playing with your food, but in the name of art, we couldn’t pass up on these…

Check out some of his #LukisLukisPKP down below:










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