WATCH: Student Converts Bedroom Into Cafe After Quitting University Due To Financial Issues

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(Source: Suhail.Shukri on Tik Tok)

If you think that you had it tough during MCO, just speak to 21-year-old Muhammad Nur Iman Roslan, who had to make the tough decision between continuing his studies or earning money as he was going through a financially rough time.

Iman eventually decided to quit university in KL but strived on with his own business that is currently getting buzz on social media.

A recent Tik Tok that has gone viral depicts Iman’s post-uni journey, where he puts his previous barista experience to good use by opening a small cafe in his bedroom at Alor Setar, Kedah.


According to Mstar, Iman had to make major changes to his room by moving his furniture and mattresses to make space for the coffee appliances and seatings for his customers. He also stated that his business does not affect his other family members as the front door is located on the ground floor, which also houses the living room.

After 2 months of operating from his bedroom, Iman had decided to take his business to the next level by moving his cafe to a commercial-business area. Iman also has a new business partner now who happens to be his brother-in-law.

The cafe, called TU.ANG, is located No.51, Pekan Cina, Alor Setar. It sells 6 types of coffee flavours including sodas and ice-chocolate, and other halal snack packs like fried cheesy potato slice with sauce.

Although the cafe is opened for business, it is only open for takeaways at the moment due to the EMCO but will be back to serve dine-in customers soon as reported by Twitter user @kaqimmm.


When asked by mStar if he was going to continue his studies in the future, Iman explained that while he still has the intention to study, he is currently focusing on his coffee business as his main priority as he wishes to expand.

We are truly inspired by Iman’s DIY spirit during these hard times and we hope to see his business flourish further.