52 Year-Old Johor Man Transforms His Car Into A Mobile Coffee Shop That Sells Brews As Cheap As RM5

(Source:@izwansaid88 on Twitter)

When it comes to busy mornings or when you just really need a hit of caffeine, places like Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and hipster cafes will definitely provide that quick fix but at a steep price.

However, to save all of that hard earned cash, you can now get freshly brewed coffee from Kopikupi, a mobile curbside pickup coffee stand in Bandar Tiram, Johor.

52-year-old Mohd Fauzi Azmi Misnon, a former estate manager, gained the attention of Johorians as well as internet peeps after he turned his car into a mobile cafe and started selling his brewed coffee from his car boot.

What’s fascinating about this idea is that he has the whole coffee machinery, that could probably triumph over any local coffee shop, all at the back of his car. Despite the lack of space, customers still enjoy his brews.

(Source:Johor Foodie)

According to Johor Foodie, Mr.Fauzi’s intention is to be different from the rest and provide a unique coffee experience for his customers. When asked about quality control, he explained that the coffee beans are roasted in-time in small batches to ensure that they get to your hands at their best.

(Source:Johor Foodie)

The drinks on his stand are sold for RM5 and above, depending on the size of the cup. You’re in luck because now, he’s having a promotion of Ice Lattes for that minimum price. If you enjoy it and want more, you could always buy their own coffee products with various flavours to choose such as mocha and chocolate.

For now, the operation time for KopiKupi is from 3pm to 6pm to serve those who need a jolt of caffeine in their system to stay awake at work.

Although this might be limited to people who live in Johor, we would love to see this coffee concept in Kuala Lumpur too!