You Can Donate Your Shoes To Coffeeboy Club & They’ll Distribute Them To Homeless Shelters!

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(Source: Coffeboy Club at Instagram and Bustle)

It’s very often that most of us would have a hard time letting go of old and rarely used shoes, as they hold sentimental value for us. It’s either that or we’d trick ourselves into thinking we’d eventually wear them on a special occasion but you know how that goes…

However, if you find yourself having to urgently give these types of shoes away, a good place to drop them off is at Coffeeboy Club in Gasket Alley.

Owned by local photographer and fashion designer, Bryzoid, the cafe is hosting a community platform called ‘Soles2Souls’ where they collect gently worn or used sneakers by both women and men in order to distribute them to homeless shelters. Their objective for this programme is to ensure that every pair of sneakers collected will end up on the feet of those who need them.

It’s wholesome to see companies keep the #kitajagakita spirit alive. With the coronavirus halting many major charity events that used to happen all year round, a small deed like this will go a long way.

Plus, it’ll make sure that your shoes end up in grateful hands (or feet!)