WATCH: Puasa Ke Tak?

Illustration kkkkkiddddd

For Muslims, fasting is an obligation that is required to be carried during the holy month of Ramadan. There can’t be any reason for you not to fast, unless it causes physical harm due to a health condition, is life-threatening or an emergency. If you’re a Muslim, you don’t have much say on the matter or any choice but to oblige.

Although that’s the case for Muslims in general, there are Muslims who do not fast, for many different reasons. Some might struggle with religion and identity, some just converted into the religion and some just don’t see the point. Considering Malaysia has a Muslim-majority, it’s a sensitive topic to talk about.

JUICE went out around KL and found some Muslims who have their own reasons for fasting and not fasting, and asked them the million dollar question — puasa ke tak?

Every one has the right to question and disagree with the choices of these people, we live in a free society that encourages open discourse. To target and morally policing someone is not part of your right under the Constitution, but with Malaysians being Malaysians, we took the liberty to animate this video.

Alternative media’s role is to investigate the dominant beliefs and values of our culture whilst exploring counter cultures and alternative issues. We do not endorse or reject the viewpoints held here.

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