Why Are Celebrities Suicidal?

The high life ain’t that high.

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A Young Malaysian’s Guide to the Election

Getting real here for a sec.

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Gucci Distracts the Whole World From Culture Appropriation With Baby Dragons

Everyone’s heads turned with all the distractions.

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Why We Shouldn’t Use Religion and Culture to Dismiss Mental Illness

If you broke a leg, would you see a doctor, or would you read the Holy Book?

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Abe’s Last Word on Minut Init

A final love letter to Minut Init.

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Language Shaming Is the Cause of Broken English In Malaysia

The sad but true state of English language in Malaysia.

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Why is #UndiRosak a Thing Here in Malaysia?

To vote or not to vote?

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5 Requests from A Mixed-Race Malaysian

My Blood is Rojak. My Race is Nasi Campur.

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Halal Speed Dating is for All, Muslim and Non-Muslims

Hello…. I mean Assalamualaikum.

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Everything Wrong with Malay Dramas That’s Deteriorating Our Society

Nothing normalises rape culture more than ‘drama Melayu’.