This Instagram Filter Made By M’sians Will Help You Learn How To Play Guitar

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source: @kaberikram on Instagram

I can’t remember the last time I posted a selfie on my Instagram story without using a beauty filter in order to look like a human instead of a questionable creature. However, IG filters aren’t just used to mask your true features, some have useful benefits as well.

Take this new IG filter created by two young Malaysian designers that will actually help you play guitar. This is taking that Guitar for Dummies manual to a whole new level!

Developed by Twitter user @Kaberikram and designed by @eelhum, this VR filter suited for IG users will definitely help those who have always wanted to learn how to play certain chords on guitar. And it doesn’t hurt that the developer is actually the lead of Malaysian indie band Youth Portal, so you can trust that a musician was involved in its creation.

Both hailing from Multimedia University, the two partnered up in order to bring to you the most convenient way of practicing guitar. Here’s how it works…

source: Twitter @eelhum

All you got to do is open the IG story tab, select the IG filter and save it.

Then, scan the tracker until the pop-up disappears and you can tap to start toggling through the chords. However, the filter works best when you place the printable tracker on your guitar fretboard so you can see how the finger placements align with the strings, making it more cohesive.

In order to download and print your own tracker, click here.


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All in, I tried this out on my own Instagram and I definitely got a kick out of it! The idea is not only innovative but it’s also a fun way of encouraging people to learn and share their experiences with friends.

To try this filter out, click here.

Don’t forget to stream Youth Portal on Spotify.

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