Artist Who Drew DG Noor Hisham Collaborates with Starbucks by Sketching Frontliners on Their Reusable Cups

(Source: mystarbucks on Instagram)

It was only a month ago when JUICE interviewed 27-year-old artist, Luqman Hakim, after he had caught the attention of many netizens and DG Noor Hisham himself with his detailed sketch of the Director-General of Health on a Starbucks cup.

To support this rising artist’s artwork, Starbucks officially announced their collaboration with him to release 5 exclusive reusable cups, specially designed by Luqman, that are inspired by the various front-liners who kept us safe during these trying times.

The reusable cups are to be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to a charity of his choice. Starbucks will then match each of the final amounts.

The auction will begin on the August 24 from 8pm to 9pm on the Starbucks Malaysia Facebook Page so make sure to set your reminders!

The auction is open to all participants that are above 18. The way it works is that all offers must be submitted in the comments section and payment must be made before the delivery of the item within 24 hours, if not the next highest bid will be selected to purchase the item.

Luqman, who is a student at Multimedia University Cyberjaya, is known amongst his peers to be the man forever glued to a pencil and paper. However, what makes this collaboration so meaningful is that the artist has had a tough upbringing, since he was bullied in school for having autism. Now, his dreams of becoming a recognised artist are finally being realised.

Since the pandemic has been especially difficult to struggling artists, this auction will definitely be a great way to show support for our local talents while proving our appreciation towards our frontliners.