LISTEN: Youth Portal Grew Up Alongside Their Self-titled Debut EP

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Images: Youth Portal

Still the only band from Cyberjaya we care for, Youth Portal have finally dropped their debut EP after 3 years of their formation. On first listen, it’s exactly what we need from this DIY dream-pop band and it couldn’t have come any sooner.

The band consist of five members – Tobu (vocalist/lyricist), Zaki (guitarist), Aiman (bassist), Ash (guitarist/sound engineer) and Ridho (drums), who give it their all on their debut EP.

The self-titled EP features a collection of songs written throughout 2015 to 2016. Straying away from deep concepts and just having a ball of a time, the EP represents a point of maturity for the band both sonically and personally. It also includes the crowd-loving track, ‘Butter Breakfast’.

Right from the opener, we get to dive in Youth Portal’s adolescently-carefree world, and experience the 7-track EP that’s filled with moments that the band look back on fondly.

This EP captures soft guitars paired with Tobu’s deep voice effortlessly, with the feels of nostalgic, lofi vibe alongside honest lyrics. It’s the perfect sing-along for the next time you’re cruising in the car with your friends on a chill night.. You’ll def feel like you’re starring in a coming of age movie.

To stream Youth Portal’s EP, click here

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