WATCH: M’sian Short Film ‘Jenguk’ Is A Cute Romance That Shows That Love Makes Everyone Feel Young

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source: @tukangkarutfilm on Twitter

With the CMCO debilitating our need to go out and hang-out with the people we care about, the only means of filling that void entertainment for us during this difficult time is by watching movies and shows.

What better way to do that than to support our budding local talents instead of, say, watching mindless reality TV shows that only benefit those who already have the upper hand?

I have been vocal about encouraging the growth of the indie local film industry before and it’s my undying mission to bring to you all the latest undiscovered gems that deserve your attention and admiration. This time, the film I am extremely excited for is a production called Jenguk, brought to you by the talented creatives over at Multimedia University (MMU) Cinematic Arts, Johor.

Jenguk has a premise that is different from all other indie films of its kind. While we’re all used to watching a coming-of-age love story between two adolescents unfold on the screen, Jenguk injects a fresh new twist to the romantic genre by featuring an elderly couple.

Take a look!

Set in a lush green kampung, richly coloured by sepia tones and Pop Ye Ye music, this love story depicts the burgeoning relationship between Leha, an elderly woman in her sixties and her next door neighbour, Musa.

We see her turning up that radio like we usually would when we’re feeling-feeling romantic and just want to immerse ourselves in a fantasy world of romance and joget. Then, the cute atok from next door picks her up on a bright yellow scooter and they’re off roaming the village while talking animatedly to each other.

Their endearing antics and chemistry are made even more palpable through the marvellous acting of a real-life married couple. Even within the span of the 1-minute teaser, I’m invested in this rom-com!

After keeping their relationship secret for years, the kampung is beginning to membawang on the couple and when Leha’s granddaughter visits her, the secrets and gossip begin to take on a life of its own, threatening the happiness and dynamic of the romance.

source: @tukangkarutfilm on Twitter

The film is currently still in production and after seeing the teaser, it would be the greatest loss if they did not get proper funding to finish the project. Currently, the students are in need of your help to nurture and complete their short film.

Here are the ways in which you can contribute…

Donate to their fundraiser

Every ringgit counts! By donating specific amounts to their fundraiser, you stand a chance to receive several rewards. Donate more than RM30 and you can see your name credited in the end credits of the short film. To find out more, click here.

Other than being credited, pledging will also land you some cute badges, tote bags, face masks and t-shirts. To have a stronger grasp of the kind of rewards and merchandise you might be getting, click here.

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Our official teaser is here!!!!!!!!! @samsuri_shahrom_kmn Logline of the film: Family drama unravels when an elderly woman in ‘her’ 60s falls for her next door neighbour. Synopsis: Leha, a 65-year-old widow who is living alone in a village secretly having a romantic relationship with Musa, her opposite neighbor. Have been keeping it as a secret for past few years, Musa sugggests to reveal the relationship but Leha disagree with it. Set in comedy genre, things gone wrong when Musa insist to meet Leha publicly. The neighbors start to talk about them. It becomes much more challenging for Leha when her granddaughter, Aini is visiting her while facing up the neighborhood gossips about her relationship. Please like and share if you enjoy our teaser! Fund our project if you want to support us! Tukang Karut Films’ Social Media Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Vero:

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If you can’t donate but still want to help out, you can always share the teaser on your social media platforms and tag them at @tukangkarutfilm on Twitter and @tukangkarutfilms on Instagram. Who knows? Maybe you might reach someone who can donate.

There’s nothing better than to watch these budding talents bloom into the fully-fledged filmmakers they’re so capable of becoming and knowing that you played a part in their success.

On that note, let’s continue to stay proactive online and scout out local gems such as these in order to encourage the growth of our indie local film industry. And if you’ve got any suggestions, simply DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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