This Cyberpunk Grandpa Attached 64 Smartphones To His Bike So He Could Play Pokemon Go

source: Facebook / yanwu0701

All of you Gen Z’s and Millennials have nothing on this cyberpunk grandpa who has taken Pokemon Go to the ultimate boss level.

This Taiwanese elderly gentleman by the name of Chen San-yuan has been making headlines since 2018 when he debuted the earliest version of his Pokemon Go contraption.

Despite starting off with only 11 smartphones back then, San-yuan’s addiction to the game has costed him up to $1,000 (RM4,280) a month to sustain. Not to mention the fact that he has a large power bank handy so he can keep charging his phones, thus keeping an eye on the lurking Pokemons at all times. Now that’s dedication!

We’re sure by now he has a massive collection of Pokemons because in 2020, he upgraded to a 64-smartphone contraption attached to his bike. Only 6 more smartphones and San-yuan will have enough to match his age, 70-years old. Pokemon trainers know no limitations, not even age.

Watch him in action below:

In case you were wondering, San-yuan confided in VICE that his favourite Pokemon is Snorlax and that he doesn’t participate in gym battles because it makes him feel bad for other players when they lose… Can he get any more wholesome?

He picked up the hobby after watching his grandson play the game. Since he’s retired, he fills his time cycling and searching for the next best catch!

Let’s hope we all can live a life of leisure like San-yuan when we’ve retired…

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