VIDEO: Ipoh Father Who’s An Ice-Cream Seller Teared Up When His Children Surprised Him With A New Car

source: @haziqsapu (Twitter)

Most parents go through numerous struggles in life just to see their children happy. When those children grow older, they in turn strive to repay their parents for all that they’ve done. So, when a situation like this happens, it’ll surely tug at your heartstrings.

Recently, a video posted on Twitter showed a father of seven getting emotional after being surprised by his children with a brand new Proton Persona parked outside their family home in Ipoh.

24-year old Haziq didn’t expect his dad to tear up, saying the last time he saw his dad cry was when he scored 10As in SPM seven years ago.

“After I came down from the stage after taking my SPM results, I saw how watery and red my dad’s eyes looked when he was on the phone with my late grandmother to share the good news with her. That was the last time I saw him cry,” he told mStar.

Haziq, the sixth child out of seven said he and his siblings also teared up after seeing their 58-year old father, who works as an ice-cream seller burst into tears over the surprise – something they had planned with their mother over a month ago.

“Dad was someone that was strict and fierce, it’s only in recent years has he softened a bit and became more cheerful and funny,” he said.

The University of Leeds graduate said it took quite some time to plan the surprise, as they had to sort out payment instalments and bank loans through his brother who resides in Kuantan.

Once the plans were set, he then drove off to Kuantan to collect the car with two of his siblings, telling his father that they were travelling there to return a car he borrowed from his brother. “He was confused and asked us how were we coming back to Ipoh,”

“We had to lie and say we were going to keep borrowing my brother’s car when in fact, we were going to drive back with his new car,” said Haziq.

The Proton Persona was actually a gift to celebrate their parents’ 33rd marriage anniversary that took place last March. He also gifted the car after his dad’s old one broke down last year in hopes he will get the best use out of his new one.

Their plan was almost exposed after their parents asked them to get ready for breakfast that morning.

“We went out together in the new car to get breakfast and asked our dad to sit in the driver’s seat, but he was still in shock and emotional over the surprise, so he asked me to do it. He said he wanted to calm down first,” said Haziq.

What a cool way to celebrate your parents’ anniversary!

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