Thinking of Security for Your Home? Why Not Scare Away Intruders by Using Human Limbs as Landscape Decor?

source: Nurseri Kota Lama (Facebook)

Gardens can go both ways – they can either look enchanting with fairies and sprites roaming freely or, as if Satan took over the place. Landscaping is a hobby that takes time, effort and skill to master, and how it looks is entirely up to your creativity.

For example, this garden that uses ‘human limbs’ as decor. It looks really cool if you’re into Goth music and indie horror films but what really screams “Take our money now!” is the fact that this product might make intruders think twice about breaking in… hell, it would probably make your family and friends runoff too.

source: Nurseri Kota Lama (Facebook)
source: Nurseri Kota Lama (Facebook)

I mean, who walks past someone’s garden and sees a foot peeking out of the ground and goes, “Hey, I wonder what that is? I think I’ll go check it out!”

The photos were shared on Facebook group, Nurseri Kota Lama where landscapers from all walks of life share their best finds to inspire the community of green thumbs.

source: Nurseri Kota Lama (Facebook)
source: Nurseri Kota Lama (Facebook)

Some netizens commented saying they would never get this type of decor though they don’t deny the creativity that went behind it.

Bonus round! Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest and creepiest garden landscape ever…

source: Bored Panda
source: Pinterest
source: Architecture Art Designs
source: Etsy

Hey, it’s Halloween all-year round for some folks! Don’t judge!

We can’t promise you won’t have any nightmares after this but we hope you’ll maybe get some inspiration to pick up a hoe (not that one) and start planting some greens.

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