The Story Behind The Supposedly Haunted ‘SG House’ At Bukit Gasing

source: Corpse Army Media

UPDATE: The property was sold in December 2022. Read about it here.

You’ve probably heard a thousand hantu stories in your life. Some are more believable than others, but there’s no shortage of spooky stories in Malaysia.

One of the most popular haunted houses in Malaysia is called the SG House located at Bukit Gasing. It’s hard not to spot the white, abandoned bungalow with a big ‘SG’ on its front gate.

There are also an old Alfa Romeo and a Porsche oddly parked there, one blocking the other and with its door opened, which are said to belong to the owners of the house who were entangled in a gruesome night. It is a known sight for those living in the area.

May seekers of the supernatural have gone there to film, or rather tried to uncover the mystery surrounding the house. They discovered books and reading material pertaining to The Traditional Martinist Order, Ju Jitsu-related items including rank belts and certificates, receipts, Magic: The Gathering playing cards, as well as documents about the person(s) who may or may not have lived there.

The following video was published on Corpse Army Media’s Facebook Page last year. It reveals that most of the personal belongings are still there although squatters or scavengers have been stealing wires and toilet fixtures and vandalising the house.

There have been various versions of the story, and some are good for a laugh. While what happened there remains a mystery, there are two popular versions of the story…

The Murder Mystery of a Mistress

source: Prop Social

Before it was allegedly abandoned in the early 2000s, a wealthy businessman by the name of Sanjay Gill lived there with his wife. He might have had too many business trips, because was not in good terms with his wife. Being a typical Mr Big-kinda-guy, Mr Gill had a mistress.

When his wife found out about his affair, she did what all wives would do – kill the mistress in a fit of rage and jealousy, and hang her decapitated head on the front door.

Upon seeing the gruesome scene, Mr Gill suffered a heart attack and tragically die and the wife? She hung herself from the balcony on that same day.

This version of the story is obviously filled with shock value, which might explain its popularity. But there’s another more mystical version that’s just as frequently retold…

source: YouTube

The Black Magic Guru

There’s also a story about a spiritual guru (with a different name but same initials), Shihan Goh, who lived there and performed occult practices and was a part of a secret organisation.

Unfortunately, there are no further details regarding this version, which sounds like a plot to a horror movie so you’ll have to use your imagination. Sorry.

A commenter on Corpse Army Media’s video pointed to a battle between The Traditional Martinist Order and the Illuminati.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: UNRESERVED

Call it what you may, but it’s interesting to explore our fascination with the supernatural and how each story evolves over time when it’s passed down, until it becomes an urban legend.

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