Malaysian Mystery Memoirs: Merry Macabre

Santa Claus is coming to town…


Crime’s Chameleon: A Slippery Journey Into The Mystique Of Orang Minyak

Could you imagine seeing the Orang Minyak IRL?


The Origins of Hantu Kopek or Tetek: The Malay Ghost with Big Titties That’ll Make You Say “Would”

Did you know that Hantu Kopek only kidnaps children who were neglected by their parents?


Malaysian Mystery Memoirs: Hungry Ghost, Tender Host

“These were his favourites…”


The Enigma Of Fraser’s Hill: Horrors, Vanishings And the Origins Behind Its Iconic Moniker

There have been other records of vanishings occurring at the site…


Into The Unknown: The Curious Case Of An American Millionaire’s 1967 Vanishing In Cameron Highlands

Speculation arose suggesting that a romantic conflict may have led to these events.