The Gruesome 1992 Triple-Murder Story Behind The ‘Haunted’ Jalan Turi Bungalow in Bangsar

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source: Carigold

One of the first questions that come to mind (right after ‘where’s the nearest exit?’) when coming across a haunted or eerie-looking residence is probably the gruelling story behind it. Here’s one some long-time Bangsar dwellers may recall.

Jalan Turi is a place frequented by locals who inevitably notice the creepy vibe or have spine-chilling encounters at the now-empty lot that was once a crime scene; and its lesser known, or seldom discussed, history dates all the way back to April 1992.

Let’s get into it- and before you ask, this is indeed a true story.

source: Carigold

It begins when American couple Mrs. Suneeta and Mr. Rakesh Talwar returned home after a night out with some friends shortly before midnight on April 23, 1992. Rakesh had left to Europe on business via taxi when Suneeta found herself savaged by her relief security guard. Gwenkens Security Services S/B appointed replacement guard Ariffin Agas on that night, as the regular one was not around.

He first hit her on the forehead, and when she fled, flung a rock at her, injuring her mildly. She sought shelter and aid at the home of a neighbour. Tragically, her children and housemaid were less fortunate.

The septic tank where the bodies were found. (source: Carigold)

Police investigators discovered the three bodies soon afterward: Arjun Talwar, 7, his brother Kabir Talwar, 11, and their Indian maid Natalia Fernandes, 45. Corporal Majid Jaafar 38 of Pantai Police Station said the bodies were stacked on top of one another at the bottom of a 15-foot septic tank behind their home, at 10 Jalan Turi, Taman Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.

source: Carigold

Inspector Officer Sheridan Mohammad disclosed that he had found human blood on two rocks located in the house’s garden as well as along the stairwell, the television room leading to the master bedroom, and the hall. He also discovered two teeth in the television room, two on the carpet floor, and one on the master bedroom dressing table.

At the time, Dr. Sharifah Fauziah Alhabshi (General Hospital Kuala Lumpur), remarked that it must have taken a lot of force to unseat 5 of an 11-year-old boy’s teeth.

source: Carigold

Mr. Rakesh, when confronting Ariffin in court, said to him, “How are you able to sit there just like that? You should be in a cage. I hope someone will do that to your children someday”. Subsequently, on March 28, 1994, the High Court sentenced Ariffin to death. His execution took place on December 27, 2002, at Kajang Prison.

The motive was never revealed, however many citizens suspected that Ariffin was struggling with some sort of psychological disorder.

It is alleged that Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Suneeta returned to America to rebuild their lives, currently residing there with their twin daughters, albeit still carrying the trauma of that fateful night.

source: Carigold

In 2010, a real estate agent advertised the unit for sale. The property appears to be substantially undamaged in the photograph, which was taken from inside the car, leading netizens to believe that the agent was reluctant to get down and take a closer look- and we don’t blame her.

As of today, the house has been demolished, with not even a sorry structure of it remaining. Even so, passersby claim to have heard the screams of the children, or have seen their ghosts looming about. A neighbour also contended via TikTok that attempts to purchase, renovate and rebuild over the plot were never successful, though nobody knows why.

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