SCP-4711: Locals Allege Seemingly Deliberate Inconveniences At ‘Haunted’ 7-Eleven Store In Penang

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source: Unsplash

You’ve heard of haunted homes, hotel rooms and perhaps even hospitals, but how about creepy convenience stores where the strangest occurrences take place by the cover of the night? That’s right- even your local 7-Eleven could be inhabited by spirits spreading mischief, and leave you with ALL the chills.

According to netizens, one particular outlet in Lebuh Chulia, Penang is notorious for certain unexplained, eerie instances that customers encounter, and they aren’t your typical hearing-voices-and-seeing-shadows cases.

Are these harrowing tales true, or just another set of long-running rumours? As per the SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect), the allegations come from firsthand experiences, and they have the experiments documented to prove that…

What’s the store like?

source: TikTok

Also branded as SCP-4711, the store in question is a standard 7-Eleven franchise that is owned and run by Foundation personnel. The site stated that no fewer than two Foundation employees should be employed in SCP-4711 at a time, and they must adhere to all rules and regulations established by the 7-Eleven company.

“SCP-4711 should be as unapproachable as possible to minimise exposure to civilians. The outside of SCP-4711 is to appear neglected and messy. Any non-foundation staff who mentions the oddities or exhibits signs of discomfort while inside SCP-4711 must be expelled from the facility,” it reads.

SCP-4711 seems normal externally; its aberrant characteristics do not become apparent until a person is inside.

What happens inside?

source: ClipArt

Creepily enough, the items a subject favours the most will mysteriously vanish if the subject enters SCP-4711. Due to mimetic impact, the majority of participants that observe the anomaly firsthand do not detect the disappearance.

The vanishing of goods can be seen when viewed from the outside or through security cameras installed in SCP-4711. Interestingly, the mimetic impact persists through various viewing techniques. Items vanish along with the tracking mechanisms installed in or on them as well. This disappearing effect extends beyond food items and can take affect with any product offered inside SCP-4711.

The specific product the subject prefers will not be available, but items of the same type, flavour, or brand will still be obtainable as per usual.

To better illustrate these odd happenings, SCP highlights a set of occasions on which customers witnessed the abnormalities of SCP-4711:

Experiment #0001

source: Candy Warehouse

The first experiment saw the subject, christened D-15431, entering the store with RM20 in cash to purchase a packet of M&Ms- only to return empty-handed 8 minutes later telling researchers that only peanut M&Ms were available.

Here’s the catch: the subject is reportedly allergic to peanuts.

Experiment #0022

source: Dr Jason

This time, researchers apparently chose a subject who was immune to mimetic agents. Provided with RM80, they walk into the store with instructions to buy their favourite item. The subject, D-08915, supposedly rushed out of the store in a panic, claiming that the items had vanished right before his eyes.

Experiment #0012

source: C&EN

A brief hitch occurred during the initial sweep of SCP-4711 when a member of the retrieval team discovered the restroom door to be locked. Another member of the recovery team tried to open the door after failing to breach but encountered no resistance. The room’s propensity for becoming anomalous was the subject of a subsequent test conducted by subjects D-15431 and D-13967:

D-15431 is placed into SCP-4711 with instructions to use the store’s amenities and is asked to alert researchers when they need to use the restroom. Before the exam, D-13967 is asked to empty their bladder.

D-15431 is unable to access the bathroom since the door is locked. D-15431 claims to have faintly heard “grunting” coming from behind the toilet door.

Security film did not capture the sound. Then, D-13967 is told to try to get inside. The door remained bolted.

Following that, D-15431 is told to leave SCP-4711, and D-13967 is instructed to try again. When D-15431 leaves, the door to the restroom opens for D-13967 without a problem, displaying a typical restroom.

What else?

source: Experimental Theology

The three instances depicted above are a mere few among many similar cases documented and alleged by customers. Others saw customers purposely purchasing their least favourite items with no issues. Another subject was left to fast for 24 hours only to enter the store and leave with a half-gallon of expired skim milk- which, you guessed it- he was not particularly a fan of.

Meanwhile, netizens on TikTok continue to allege even more disturbing experiences at the store. Some claim that the items don’t fully vanish, but rather turn into dust or dried leaves, while others say that their money had disappeared before even getting to the payment counter.

However, as with most spooky claims, other TikTokers claim to have been lucky enough to enter and leave the store with the item they wanted and no out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

So what would happen if you were to walk in one night? Guess there’s only one way to find out…

JUICE has reached out to 7-Eleven for a statement regarding the matter, however no response has been obtained as of yet.

Note: The validity of the experiments conducted by SCP, and the credibility of SCP itself, have not been verified. However, the other ‘spooky claims’ made regarding the store were acquired from real netizens and self-proclaimed past customers of the store.

These allegations were made on social media platforms as well as via direct messages to JUICE.