The Infamous ‘Haunted’ SG House In Bukit Gasing Has Been Sold For RM4.4 Million

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source: Corpse Army Media

When news highlighting the auctioning of the allegedly haunted mansion in Bukit Gasing surfaced, you were probably wondering, “Would anyone really buy it?”

Apart from the eerie rumours, there was also the question of its dilapidated and graffiti-ridden interior, and the bidding that starts at the exorbitant cost of RM4.4 million.

Over the past month, some netizens even joked that the house came with “free maids who will only appear at night” or “invisible tenants.”

These remarks stem from the belief that the owner, who many believe is named Sanjay Gill, had taken his own life in the face of a major financial crash in his business; but the most widely known claim is that his wife had murdered his mistress in the house and hung herself right after.

To exacerbate the situation, others alleged that the property was used for black magic practices.

Watch the drone clip here:

@shantiyasaravanan_ The infamous Selangor Ghost House by #sivawwc ♬ Suara Musik Malam Seram – Rusli Ridwan

Despite all that, it was confirmed yesterday that the property has officially been sold off. This was supposedly a hefty feat for the real estate agents, and rumour has it that the house was actually listed 5 years ago to no avail.

Selangor Auction Property noted that the house went to a single bidder whose identity was not publicly disclosed, leaving many wonder if they may be a horror enthusiast, or a non-believer when it comes to the supernatural.

Either way, this will probably mark the end of the thread of unsettling claims shrouding the house, as the words “abandoned” and “dark” may no longer describe it.