The Hijab Was Introduced To New Zealand’s Police Uniform… Meet The First Officer To Wear It

(Source: Newzealandpolice on Instagram)

New Zealand’s police force, in an effort to be more inclusive of minorities, recently introduced the hijab into their official uniform in order to encourage more Muslim women to join the force and promote diversity.

Constable Zeena Ali, who was born in Fiji and moved to New Zealand as a child, has become the first recruit to don the official police hijab, in addition to taking part in its design process in late 2018 in a response to a request from police staff who visited secondary schools.

“Having a police-branded hijab means women, who may not have previously considered policing can do so now. It’s great how the Police incorporated my religion and culture,” she said in an Instagram post

“I am thrilled the Police went out of their way to make sure the hijab I have on meets health and safety requirements as well as my own personal needs,” she continued.

(Source: Metro UK)

According to BBC, other police forces to have approved uniform hijabs include the Metropolitan Police in London who have been using it since 2006, and Police Scotland in 2016. It’s also been worn by Maha Sukkar of the Victoria Police in Australia in 2004.

We’re glad that New Zealand is promoting their country’s racial diversity and on their way to a progressive future.