Concerned For Safety Of Drivers, Policeman Sweeps Accident Debris By Himself & Is Praised by Netizens

(Source: Polis Diraja Facebook )

One of the many reasons why accidents happen is because of objects on the road such as sharp pieces of metal and hard plastic that could cause a car to swerve and lose control.

Corporal Mohd Azizi Muhd Jamal had caught the attention of not just netizens but members of the public in Jalan Raja Ekram, Ipoh after sweeping away scraps of debris left by a previous accident that occurred on Oct 16.


Biarpun sedang melakukan rondaan cegah jenayah,…

Posted by Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) on Sunday, October 18, 2020

The 39-year-old policeman was in the area during his rounds when he spotted the debris. Without a second thought, he got off his motorcycle, borrowed a broom and dustpan from a nearby shop and started sweeping it up.

According to The Star, he has been in the force for 16 years and was amazed by all the positive comments left on the Polis Diraja Malaysia Facebook page where his pictures were uploaded by his boss.

(Source: Polis Diraja Malaysia Facebook)
(Source : Polis Diraja Malaysia Facebook)

The father of three young children also stated that this was simply a small contribution and doing community work has never been new to him as he has carried out various community projects such as cleaning up orphanages and collecting rubbish on the beach.

It’s true what they say, not all heroes wear capes. As responsible and thoughtful road users, we should remove any debris we spot (or report it if it’s unmovable) for the safety of other drivers too.