KTMB Police Patrol Geared Up With Robocop-Style Temperature Scanning Helmets

source: KTMB (Facebook)

In an effort to curb Covid-19, KTM Berhad officers will be equipped with new temperature-scanning helmets, allowing them to check anyone’s body temperature as they go on patrol.

KTM Berhad posted a series of photos on their Facebook page, showing officers patrolling stations, trains and platforms in the Robocop-style helmets.

source: KTMB (Facebook)

“KTMB recently took a step forward by introducing temperature scanner helmets to curb the Covid-19 outbreak. This method is an addition to the existing methods such as temperature scanner in stations, hand sanitiser and train sanitation,” it said in a statement.

The helmets have built-in thermal scanners that can read body temperatures of up to 200 people per minute.

source: KTMB (Facebook)

KTMB also hopes that the helmets will increase passengers’ confidence to use KTMB services in their daily commute.

In the statement, KTMB also mentioned that “the use of this helmet is still on trial and applies to all assisting patrolling officers.”

If you do need to take the KTM or any other public transportation, make sure to always stay safe and practice high hygiene.