Kind Policeman Sends Student Who’s Late For Exam To School After Massive Road Closure

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(Source: @aimadazfar on twitter)

It is every student’s worse nightmare to be late for an important exam, and it’s even more gut-wrenching when you’re late not because you didn’t hear the alarm clock but due to an unprecedented road accident that has blocked the way. How are you ever going to make it in time let alone explain yourself to the teacher?

Recently, a viral tweet posted by Twitter user @aimadazfar showed a certain student’s luck changing after a kind policeman on a motorcycle offered to send him to school to complete his exam after an unfortunate lorry accident that blocked the road.

Since it was such a rush, the student’s cousin @aimadazfar, did not manage to get the police officer’s name but appreciated his kind gesture of sending his younger cousin to school. He urged the public to tag the kind policeman in the post if anyone knows him.

The post received much engagement from the internet, with netizens are applauding the policeman for his kind act and wishing the student the best of luck for his exam.

A little kindness does go a long way, we hope the student gets an ‘A’ as this cop definitely got an ‘A’ for his good attitude!

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