The Creator Behind Indomie’s Fan-Favourite ‘Mi Goreng’ Flavour Has Passed Away

Nunuk Nuraini (pictured left). source: NetralNews/ The Hong Kong Cookery

Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind Indomie’s cult-favourite ‘Mi Goreng’ flavour has passed away at the age of 59, the BBC reported. Many thanked her for her “legacy” and one even called her a “non-cape wearing hero”.

One social media user even called her the “Mother of Indomie” and added that she had “created the most beautiful work”.

According to an Indonesian news outlet quoting Indofood, the company that owns the brand says she died on Wednesday afternoon. There were no details behind her death, but a spokesman said she had “returned peacefully to Allah”.

source: Wikimedia Commons

Nuraini worked as a flavour developer at the popular Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years and the launch of the “Mi Goreng” flavour in 1982 catapulted the brand into a cult favourite.

It’s safe to say that Indomie has a special place in our hearts. Many Malaysians grew up eating the popular brand. Outside of Southeast Asia, the brand has grown an international following as well.

When those late-night cravings hit (for me, it’s at 3am), I can always count on a packet of Indomie ‘Mi Goreng’ to fill that void before I make another two more – just for fun.

The brand has also spawned countless of mouth-watering recipes (some not as great as others), cool art, memes and every day products that are inspired by the iconic “Mi Goreng” aesthetics and scent.

We all have Nunuk Nuraini to thank for that.