#ArtistOfMalaysia is Trending Again on Twitter With More M’sian Artists Showing Off Their Work

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Last year, JUICE compiled a few of our favourite Malaysian artists by sifting through the #ArtistOfMalaysia hashtag on Twitter. This year, the trend is back and despite it being gloomy outside, at least our screens are vibrantly lit with beautiful works of art by our fellow homegrown talents.

Created by veteran @sueannajoe_ in order to re-ignite the spirits of budding artists during a difficult time, this hashtag is not only a symbol of our billowing art scene, but it’s also a symbol of togetherness within a tight-knit community.

Without rambling on, here are some stunning pieces by the Malaysian artists we found from the hashtag…

Cynta – Illustrations, comics

Najmi Arifin – Graphic designing, album covers, typeface

Aqilah Naqlis – Paintings, creative directing

Fazren Firdhaus – Pottery, paintings

Lizzie Zany – Pop culture illustrations

ubaiubai – Surrealist illustrations

Jolene Tew – Minimalist/Scenery illustrations

Astro_Syahirah – Astronomy paintings

Adlyn Sofea – Various mediums

fsykra – Embroidery

Ashraf Omar – Pop Culture illustrations, graphic designing

Aileen – Comics

Julia Hannie – Comics, illustrations

Inda Zubir – Storyboards, comics, illustrations

nsarahr – Traditional illustrations, designing

Mellissa – Pop Culture illustrations

Tunku – Abstract poster paintings


Like stars, there’s no shortage of bright young talents in our local art scene. We’ve only just grazed the surface.

If you’re interested in seeing more art, click here.

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