Teen Customises Hotwheels To Look Like M’sian Cars & Sells Them To Support His Parents

Talent comes in different shapes and sizes and for this Malaysian youth, it comes in the form of crafting custom Hotwheels that look exactly like cars us Malaysians have come to love.

With the current dire financial situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, 17-year-old Mohamad Amirul Asyraaf Zani has stepped up to help his parents by kickstarting a business where he sells custom Hotwheels tailored to models commissioned by his customers.

source: Mstar

Gaining popularity due to a viral tweet by Twitter user @HezeriSamsuri which has since garnered over 4,000 retweets, Amirul is happy to see his effort finally bearing fruit.

Not only that, popular local celebrity Wak Doyok has entered the youth’s long list of customers. He crafted a model for the celeb’s monster truck which he personally delivered to him.

Check it out:

Speaking to MStar, the teen mentioned that Hotwheels has always been his passion and he would spend his time after school making custom models. He has been doing this since he was in primary school, mastering the craft as years went on.

Starting out as a personal hobby before turning into a business, Amirul only started getting orders in 2019 but his customers have always been pleased by the finished result. To date, his collection consists of over 100 Hotwheels models.

source: Mstar

Surprisingly, according to Amirul, the hardest model for him to craft so far has been the Myvi due its curvatures. Well, with a car that’s iconic to Malaysian culture, I can see why it’s so intimidating to attempt!

Despite Wak Doyok being the first celebrity who has commissioned him for a model, Amirul is hopeful to add more celebs to that list soon.

The teen is extremely grateful that he can support his parents with his passion while remaining focused on his studies.

source: @paktam_garage1 on Instagram

Starting at RM100, if you’re interested in getting a sick model for yourself, contact Amirul on his Instagram.