Wak Doyok Teases His New Perfume That Looks Exactly Like Dior’s Sauvage

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Wak Doyok lali digelar 'poyo'

Imitation is the highest form of flattery but when you copy someone to this extent, it can only be seen as insulting and lazy.

Taking to both his Instagram and Twitter, the local actor and fashion entrepreneur with the craziest handlebar moustache teased his new upcoming perfume launch.


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The new scent called ‘Dosa’ (probably because he knows he stole the concept from Dior and stealing is a sin) comes in a sleek dark blue bottle with typography that looks too similar to the cult-favourite men’s cologne Sauvage.

While the notes of the perfume have yet to be released, the design was enough for netizens to notice how the fashion mogul was blatantly copy-pasting from Dior’s most famous perfume.

At this point, the comparison isn’t even a speculation anymore since Wak Doyok has even retweeted a fellow commenter who pointed out the similarities.

Check it out:

Integrity in business is important and Wak Doyok’s shameless promotion of an exact replica of a bigger fashion brand that probably would never find out about this is conniving and lazy.

With so many resources at his fingertips, he could have produced something far better and more original but alas, anything to make that quick buck, right?

It’s not like this is his first time copying something that doesn’t belong to him anyway…