Namewee Detained at Airport Upon Arrival in M’sia, Will Surrender to Police After Quarantine

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Controversial rapper Namewee returns to Malaysia, pledges full cooperation with police over Babi (VIDEO) | Showbiz | Malay Mail

Controversial director Namewee is facing issues yet again due to his film Babi that has since reaped awards internationally yet harsh criticism and police reports back home.

Touted as a film that has blatant themes of racism despite it allegedly being based on true events, Babi and its poster, which includes racial slurs, is currently the topic of discussion for the Federal Territory PN Youth Information Unit and Persatuan Seniman Malaysia (Seniman).

After being away in Taiwan, Namewee touched down in Malaysia and was immediately alerted of his current “wanted” status after the immigration lights flashed red upon presenting his IC.

The director was then detained at the airport police station for two hours where he drew the attention of many of his fans. He reassured them that he was okay and even chatted about Babi and his future song releases.

Malaysian rapper Namewee detained over 'insulting Islam' in music video - TODAY

Since he has been facing harassment for months due to his controversial film, Namewee has decided on a truce, surrendering himself to the police and pledging full cooperation.

He will be doing so after the obligatory 7-day quarantine after returning from a foreign country.

Taking to Facebook, Namewee shared a photo of him exhausted after a long day at the airport.

剛剛入境時Passport亮紅燈顯示“通緝”,然後就立刻被帶到機場的警局裡蹲了兩個小時。結果在裡面一直被圍觀合照害林北西北尷尬,還一直問林北什麼時候出新歌,不然就是問哪裡可以看Babi電影… 我跟他們說…

Posted by Namewee 黃明志 on Sunday, March 14, 2021

Perhaps this tedious game of cat and mouse will finally end for Namewee but until then, he thanks his fans for always supporting him and caring about his physical and mental well-being.