M’sian Woman Converts Her Myvi Into A Mini Campervan & Goes On An Epic Road Trip Across Malaysia

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( Source : The Smart Local)

When it comes to travelling and taking road trips, Campervans and RV’s are common modes of transportation for individuals who live in countries like America, Australia and England. Whereas in Malaysia, these type of vehicles are not really used and do not gain much attention.

Therefore, in order to get to a destination in Malaysia, taking a long drive, booking a flight, bus or train ticket, is just as important as making a reservation at a hotel or Airbnb.

However, a Malaysian woman, Farah Nabila from Melaka, decided to take travelling up a notch and converted her green Myvi  into a mini campervan to embark on her biggest adventure yet.

With that, Farah went on a 9-day solo trip across the country – starting her 1,500km adventure from Melaka to KL, Perak, Kerik (Kedah), Pantai Timur, and Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu, before making Pahang her last stop.

( Source : The Smart Local)

In a video interview, Farah stated that she had spent less than RM500 to transform her Myvi into a mini campervan. Most of the money went to customising a foldable plywood board for the back of the car in order for her to add bedding on it, along with a portable wooden table for when she cooks her meals with a portable stove and some cooking utensils.

( Source : The Smart Local)

Farah also explained in the video that she always had an interested to travel but tries not to go to spots that are mainstream and congested with tourists. To gain meaningful life experiences and to know locals on their own turf, Farah prefers places that are generally closer to nature and less packed with people.

When asked why she was able to do this journey, she simply explained that she has always been a person who finds it relaxing to drive alone.

She also advises that when it comes to safety, she would always do her research first and calculate the risk of that certain place that she wants to go visit.

“It’s good to be spontaneous when travelling but safety should also come first,” she said.

According to Farah in The Smart Local, the campervan community in Malaysia is small and although travelling caravan-style may raise questions and concerns, Farah has proven that it can be done comfortably and safely without heavy cost.

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