Pizza Hut Delivers Heart-Shaped Pizzas to Domino’s & Other Competitors

Red roses? Boring. Chocolates with cute packaging that taste like cardboard? STOP. It’s time for y’all to stop thinking of the traditional Valentine’s Day gift route and realise there are many things your s/o would rather have than dead plants and diabetes.

If you’re clueless when it comes to gift-giving, we have great news for you.. ’cause who doesn’t love pizza!

Pizza Heart by, you guessed it, Pizza Hut, is available now at all of their restaurants and by delivery nationwide until 16 February 2020. You and your BAE can choose your favourite toppings – Hawaiian Chicken, Aloha Chicken, Beef Pepperoni and Chicken Pepperoni – to be included on a heart-shaped pizza crust.

The price of the pizza is from RM39.90 a la carte, while combo options are also available through delivery, take away or dine in. Sounds like the perfect comfort food for a relaxing ‘Netflix and Chill’ V-Day night…

Speaking of this season of love, Pizza Hut Malaysia decided to be extra cheesy cheeky by turning up at their competitors’ doorsteps, including archenemy Domino’s, with a box of Pizza Heart. Spreading love in rivalry, the special delivery is accompanied by a personalised love note for each brand – which we found very amusing.

Check it out for a laugh…

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