Trade a Photo of Your Ex For a Free Whooper this V-Day at Burger King

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source: Yahoo News UK

This Valentine’s Day, Burger King will give you a free Whooper in exchange for a picture of your ex. We know, your ex is not something you want to think about but come on… free burgers!

Selected Burger Kings across New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston will serve “Breakup Boxes”, inspired by the new DC superhero movie, Birds Of Prey – featuring Harley Quinn and her badass girl gang.

Just bring a printed photo of your ex (I’m sure you can find one of those online) and stuff it inside the Breakup Box and you’ll get a free Whooper.

We don’t know if having multiple exes at the same time can get you more than one whopper… but that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, this promo is not available in Malaysia, but you can still catch the film in theatres.

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