Does the Modern Day Cat Need Its Own Furniture?

Japanese furniture brand, Okawa Kagu, unveils their new sophisticated collection designed just for cats.


Tokyo Idols Uncovers the Urban Loneliness Surrounding Life in Modern Japan

Far from being a sensationalised piece, Kyoko Miyake’s film is at once inquisitive and self-reflective on the rise of idol girls and the middleaged men who dedicate their lives to them.

Pop Culture

You Can Do What on a Dating Simulator?!

From seducing anime hunks to snagging dreamy dads, the world of dating sims is opening the doors to your imagination.


Right Intentions, Wrong Order: The Restaurant of Order Mistakes

Getting your order wrong, but for a good cause.


Welcome to Ghibliland! A Studio Ghibli theme park is coming in 2022…

Here’s one more thing from Japan to look forward to in 2020…


F*cked Up: Punk’s Not Dead… It Just Got Smarter

That time we got f*cked up with Damian Abraham.


Digicon6: Attack Of The 50 Foot Killer Showreels

… Or, How Digicon6 Is Opening Tokyo To Asian Mythmaking Text WordsManifest Images WordsManifest & Digicon6 Tokyo is not very easy to write about. There are a multitude of expectations that come with the prospect of venturing into its airspace and city limits; you know the reality on the ground can’t possibly be as mythic as […]