Uniqlo Presents a Batik Motif Collection Their Spring/Summer 2018

Inspired by the cultural diversity of Indonesian cultural motifs like Sido, Ceplokan, and Kembang, Uniqlo’s spring/summer 2018 collection sees the inclusion of traditional textiles that fuses cultural heritage with modern elements for a easy-to-wear collection.

Designed, produced and crafted in Indonesia, this collection is part of Uniqlo’s aspirations to incorporate traditional patterns atop modern silhouettes that are made with lightweight materials. Not only is is suitable for the youth, it’s also a perfect fit for Southeast Asia’s tropical weather.

The Sido patterns represent hope, while the Ceplokan motif represents the need for unity. Additionally, the Kembang motif features flora visuals that symbolises human life. In line with Uniqlo’s LifeWear philosophy of creating clothing that is of the time and for the time, this breezy batik collection makes it easier to look stylish without breaking the bank.

There will be more to look out for in May, as the brand plans on expanding more items for men in the collection. The Uniqlo Batik Motif Spring/Summer 2018 Collection will be available at all Uniqlo stores nationwide 23 March onwards. 

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