Show Off Your Best Dance Moves & Win a Pair of Tickets to Japan

Bust out your moves as you dance to YOASOBI’s ‘Idol’. The winner will get a pair of tickets to Japan!


Crossover & Japanese Streetwear Label Wacko Maria Link Up for First-Ever Collab

The collab, titled “Paradise Kuala Lumpur”, also commemorates the opening of Crossover’s TRX flagship store.


6 Music Festivals in Asia You Should Go to in 2024 & How Much You Need to Save Up For Them

From SUMMER SONIC 2024 to Fuji Rock Festival 2024, JUICE has compiled a comprehensive guide that includes the travel expenses you need to go to each of these renowned festivals.


Man Loses Nearly RM30K After It Gets Secretly Swapped With Rupiah on Flight

The man’s cash was in a carry-on luggage, so he put it under the seat in front of him. But a flight attendant insisted he put it in one of the overhead compartments a few rows in front of him. Welp.


Here’s How You Can Get Your Artwork Displayed at The Tokyoiter Exhibition 2024

Winners of this competition will have their art showcased at Temu House in 2024.


How Local Brand RAAQUU Creates Unique Ceramics Through Ancient Japanese Techniques

RAAQUU paints with fire itself through their fusion of local and Japanese ceramic art.

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“Barbenheimer” Memes Get a Bad Rep Amongst Japanese Audiences

It is interesting to see how certain memes can be all fun and games in some parts of the world and can be detrimental in others.