10 Malaysian Artists You Should Pay Attention to in 2024

From hip-hop to alternative, we’ve gathered the best Malaysian artists that you should follow today!


Catch Masdo, LEAISM & 1,000 Other Artistes Showcase Their Work At YSDAF 2023 This Weekend

Over 1,000 artistes will showcase their work at the weekend festival!


We Asked Local Musicians How They Cope Financially During MCO

“This is the time that artists have to show up”


Indo Indie-Pop Band Reality Club to Perform Alongside Airliftz & Golden Mammoth This Month

Wed, 21st Aug '19

8.30 pm - Till late

The Gasket Alley


VIDEO: Alicia Amin Dances to a Trippy Washing Machine in Golden Mammoth’s ‘Malicious Judicious’ MV

Can’t expect anything less than a trippy video from a psych rock band.


Levi’s® Pres. Classics Remastered featuring Pitahati, Couple & Many More

Sat, 15th Apr '17

7.30pm - 11.30pm

The Bee, Publika