Indo Indie-Pop Band Reality Club to Perform Alongside Airliftz & Golden Mammoth This Month

Wed, 21st Aug '19

8.30 pm - Till late

The Gasket Alley


WATCH: Senna ‘Tak Tahu’ What To Feel In His Latest Emotionally-Charged Track

Now you’re wondering if she’s still your bae or nah..


LISTEN: Groove to NYK’s New Single ‘Make It On Me’ Featuring Airliftz

All this love you tryna make, just make it on me.


Three Pairs of Tickets to Overwrite Is Up for Grabs Right Now

Best of local music all under one roof, and for free.


FJ Culture//YUTH FW17 Launches Kuala Lumpur Pop-up Store

It is for the Yuth, by the Youth.


Bil Musa & Pastel Lite to Launch Their Albums @ Laundry Bar

Thu, 21st Dec '17 - Fri, 22nd Dec '17

8pm - 12am

Laundry Bar


VIDEO: Airliftz Doesn’t Want His Musical Journey to End in ‘Appreciate’

Airliftz hangs out with his Sungai Long day ones in this music video.