Love And Longing Take Center Stage With Airliftz’s Latest Release, ‘Princess Bubblegum’

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Ready to join Airliftz on an unforgettable romantic journey with his brand-new song, “Princess Bubblegum”?

From modest beginnings on Soundcloud to sharing the stage alongside international musicians like Anderson Paak and Joji, this Malaysian rap phenomenon has been making waves in the music business. Now signed to RedRecords, Airliftz is ready to take you on a magical journey of love and longing through his catchy tunes.

With his distinctive flavour combination in “Princess Bubblegum”, Airliftz offers a breath of fresh air – a catchy tune that combines jazz, afrobeat, and alternative R&B with enticing verses in English and Bahasa Melayu. The song’s playful tone is enhanced by the title, which honours Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

Together with the accomplished multi-talented artist and producer Shelhiel, Airliftz crafts a compelling atmosphere for “Princess Bubblegum” that exemplifies their common aesthetic sensibilities.

The song showcases the burgeoning talent in Southeast Asia and offers a novel viewpoint on the music industry. Listen below:

When speaking about the song’s compositional approach, Airliftz emphasises the value of being open and having fun. The ultimate effect is a song that not only gets you moving, but also gets under your skin.

But there’s more! Keep an eye out for the May 26 release of the music video, in which Airliftz displays his ballroom prowess as he guides us on an emblematic waltz of love, while offers listeners a seductive and sensual experience without going overboard in an effort to shatter barriers and challenge prejudices through his artistic expression.

Airliftz continues to build on his popularity with “Princess Bubblegum,” his fourth single under RedRecords, after prior singles “Not Today,” “Honest,” and “Smile Strong.” His music is available for download and streaming on a number of popular platforms, namely Apple Music, Deezer, JOOX Music, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.

Prepare to explore a wide range of music and let Airliftz’s addictive beats make you feel sexy and confident. May “Princess Bubblegum” whisk you away to a realm filled with musical wonder!