Bil Musa & Pastel Lite to Launch Their Albums @ Laundry Bar

Date Thu, 21st Dec '17 - Fri, 22nd Dec '17
Time 8pm - 12am
Venue Laundry Bar

Last we heard of singer-songwriter Bil Musa was during the release of her feisty single ‘No More Excuses’, which prompted listeners to think that an album was on the works. Surely enough (as predicted), Musa is set to release Young Adults alongside another family member of Yuna Records, Pastel Lite who recently released their 10-track album Balada. Expect live performances from not only Bil Musa and Pastel Lite, but also homeboy Airliftz, as well as Kuizz – producer for Bil Musa’s upcoming record.

To prepare yourself on what to expect on the night itself, listen to Bil Musa and Pastel Lite’s discography down below:

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