Teh Tarik Condoms are here to Save Us from Overpopulation

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source: JUICE Malaysia

ONE have come up with another Malaysian-flavour inspired condom.

Everyone on social media was either shook or thought it was hilarious when the condom brand released the bizarre Nasi Lemak and creamy Durian flavoured condoms last year; now welcome their limited edition Teh Tarik-flavoured condoms. Yes, Malaysians’ favourite creamy hot milk tea is now in the form of a silky and juicy condom for that smooth slide-ins.

source: JUICE Malaysia

This new limited edition condom is part of their Malaysian Series and a tribute to Malaysian culture, in conjunction with our National Day. It’s cheeky, well-designed and will definitely prevent things you don’t want while you’re in kongkek mood.

source: JUICE Malaysia

And like what our PM joked, Malaysian natural rubber saves the world from overpopulation… “It’s not the rubber itself that which is important, but its application”. Do you think you’d try these? I mean, who doesn’t love a frothy teh tarik?

ONE Teh Tarik condoms are available at selected pharmacies and convenience stores nationwide. Check out more spicy and creamy flavas here.