Sugu Pavithra Are Making A Comeback After Deleting All Their Videos on Youtube

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source: Bernama

On July 22, the bright light and warmth that radiated from the Youtube sensation, Sugu Pavithra, was extinguished when the veil dropped to reveal a deeply troubling marriage.

Sugu, the husband, had allegedly hit his wife, Pavithra, at a hospital out of drunken rage. He also brandished a glass sickle as a weapon. Pavithra made a police report and Sugu was arrested before pleading not guilty towards the charges against him.

source: Free Malaysia Today

Later on, Pavithra made a statement, saying she forgave her husband thus retracting her award for Ipoh City Icon, since that was the reason behind their argument. Over the weekend, fans were shocked to discover that all 98 of the couple’s videos together were deleted from their channel. It has been confirmed that Sugu was the one to erase the videos, according to Bernama.

source: Bernama

Of course, the internet was clamouring to find out what actually happened to the couple who once seemed so in love and so perfect on screen. Today, 27 July, the duo announced they will be uploading a new video, but it hasn’t been said if they will discuss the incident.

Sugu admitted that deleting the videos came as a great pain to him, for they earned majority of their income through Youtube. However, he is willing to persevere without it. He said,

“That’s okay, because I have hands and legs which can help sustain our lives. Before being Youtubers, these were the source of our income anyway since I was working.”

We all hope that Pavithra is doing okay and that she has the strength to carry on.

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