Nasi Lemak & Teh-Tarik Condoms Are Last Season, Now It’s Time For Rendang-Flavoured Ones!

(source: SAYS)

When it comes to sex, Malaysians are slowly unfazed by the “taboo” topic and instead, some netizens have taken upon themselves to teach others about safe-sex (since the gov is still shy about sex education).

The need to wear a condom is greater than ever – considering that most people have multiple sexual partners and don’t want to “catch” any unwanted sexually-transmitted diseases.

The thing is, condoms these days aren’t just the same old, boring, rubber gloves you’ve been using since high school. They’re actually – FUN. You can choose various sizes, textures and flavours based on your tastes. If your taste happens to be food, then you’re in for a treat!

(source: SAYS)

ONE Condoms – the same company that created the durian, nasi lemak and the frothy teh-tarik condoms are back at it again! This time with our beloved Malaysian Raya-dish, the all-new ‘Super Sensitive Perisa Rendang Condom’. Soft, tender, and definitely not crispy, they were mainly inspired by the crispy chicken rendang hoo-ha from last year.

Rendang, a dish where the poultry is simmered in spices and coconut milk until it is tender, is commonly found in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

(source: SAYS)

As for the condoms? It is said to emulate the mix of ingredients and spices that go into a rendang dish. Think grated coconuts, lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir leaves, and galangal. Macam sedap je…

If you’re trying to spice up your sex life, know that you can get this condom at Guardian, Watsons, AEON Wellness, MyNews, Family Mart, and 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

If you malu-malu, you can get it online by clicking, here.

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