Someone Built These Working DJ Decks Made Entirely Out of Lego Bricks

source: Lego

LEGO has evolved over the years from the toy that taught us the joy of building stuff, to making every adult feel cool again by collaborating with the likes of Nintendo and IKEA.

To celebrate the launch of Lego Vidiyo, a music video making app which comes with a physical product, Lego collaborates with musical tech wizard Sam Battle (Look Mum No Computer) who was given the ultimate challenge – building working DJ decks entirely from Lego.

It’s not a straightforward build, since it combines different types of Lego components such as the Vidiyo for the case, Technic for the turntables and the programmable Mindstorm to control the vinyl.

Although that’s the case, it’s still mighty impressive to see what Sam created after hours of building it brick by brick. After seeing how it is built and how it works, we’re kinda glad it’s not in the market.

The newly launched Lego Vidiyo combines both physical and digital elements including AR that allows kids to create their own 10 to 20 seconds music video, kinda like TikTok but with a cool mascot – the L.L.A.M.A.

source: Lego

While the Lego Vidiyo is already available in most countries from 1 March, Malaysians will have to wait for more updates until they hit the shelf. Learn more about the Lego Vidiyo here.