Someone Circuit-Bent the Bible Because Why Not?


Deadmau5 took to Twitter recently and challenged someone to circuit-bent the Wonder Bible, an electronic audio-Bible (kinda similar to the electronic Quran that you can get here). In a response to the tweet, inventor/musician Look Mum No Computer took the task to transform it into a magical musical instrument.

If you’re not familiar with Look Mum No Computer a.k.a. Sam Battle, he’s basically a tech wizard known for his unusual circuit-bending exploits, such as the Furby Organ, Lighsaber Theramin, Synth Bike and more. In the video below, check out what Sam has done to the Wonder Bible, which he now dubs the ‘Wonder Wonder Bible’.

He stresses that this video is in no way to offend anyone and that he’s simply making the Holy Book “more accessible for the avant garde inclined”. We have to say, this is some pretty sick tech-wizardry. Amen, Sam.

You can check out more of his work here and follow Look Mum No Computer on Twitter and Instagram.