The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Will Make You Feel NEStalgic

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source: LEGO

Gaming has come a long way since the 8-bit days and although graphics have become exponentially better, let’s be honest–you miss waking up on the weekends and beating your brother at Super Mario Bros.

While it’s hard to get your hands on an actual working Nintendo Entertainment System now, there’s something that will make you feel equally NEStalgic and excited – the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

source: LEGO

LEGO and Nintendo have teamed up to present us with a recreation of the famous ’80s gaming console in brick form. We’re feeling all kinds of emotions just by looking at it, mostly joy.

Designed for adult builders, the set contains 2,646 pieces that when combined, create an NES console that’s true to size, an NES controller, a game cartridge and a brick TV! However, in true LEGO fashion, the set won’t be powered by anything except for your imagination.

source: LEGO

There is still some (manual) animation. You will be able to recreate classic Super Mario Bros gameplay on the interactive TV using the crank on the side. And if you want to turn things up a notch, you can get the LEGO Super Mario and place the Bluetooth-enabled Mario figurine that produces sounds like the classic 1985 game, on top of the TV.

source: LEGO

If you’re planning to get the set, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System is slated to arrive in Malaysia on 1 August 2020 and priced at RM949.90.

You can get the set at LEGO retail stores, certified retailers and LEGOLAND Malaysia.

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